A little about the book

I have written lots of poetry over the course of my life, but nothing nearly as impactful compared to the collection of 25 poems within this book. I have included 9 illustrations, with the help of 4 different illustrators, to bring my sketches and concepts to life, giving a unique perspective and visual representation of the poems they accompany.

There are several Easter eggs hidden within the book, some more obvious than others. Whether people notice them or not is of little concern to me, but I am always curious to know how well others pay attention to the obvious and the seemingly obscure. I don’t expect everyone to grasp or fully understand what I have written in this book, but for those willing to consider everything and believe nothing, you will begin to question your own reality outside of your normal comfort zone.

From my own life experience, it seems we have been presented with an abundance of distractions to undermine our ability to know and seek the truth of our existence. The end goal is not trying to reinvent the wheel, but to look at it from a different perspective. Truth is objective and more evident than we realize, when we stop to rethink the very essence of what it means to be alive.

Already read the book? Looking for more thought provoking content? Get a more in depth look into one of my favorite poems, as I talk about how I started my journey, and the impact it has had on me over 10 years later. Even if you have yet to read the book, this is your chance to sample what’s inside. Best of all, it’s FREE!

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